It’s been a tough week in the USA. A series of “unrelenting” heatwaves rolled across the country, leading to widespread power outages, destroying crops, causing roads to buckle and drawing attention once again to the polarising topic of climate change. Health officials believe the oppressive heat has contributed to at least 36 deaths, and while everyone agrees that the situation is a cause for concern, the debate about whether or not this weather event is part of a broader, pernicious trend or simply a ‘natural’ phenomenon, is still raging.

Worlds away, in the mountainous land of Nepal, the problem seems to be much simpler. And perhaps even starker. This weekend, at the TEAR Australia national conference, I heard Ben, a former aid and development field worker in Nepal, give a short talk about climate change. In 2008, Ben went to live in the Himalayan nation with his wife and two children, making it their home for more than three years. During that time they worked with several local organisations that were assisting poor, rural communities to build dignified lives against the harsh backdrop of unrelenting poverty.
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